Reward Points

Rewards Program

Rewards Program
Which Legal High would like to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Rewards Program. This program provides extra discounts and specials to customers that shop at our store. The more you shop, the more opportunities to save money on future orders!

How to Earn Points
For every full $1 in product purchases you will earn a minumum of 10 points. Points will be held in your account as “pending” until your payment has been approved and the order has shipped. After that your points will become active for loyalty rewards and you are eligible to use your point for savings.

Points can also be earned on orders where you redeem your points.

Points can be earned only from 10/10/2009 on when the rewards program starts. Points cannot be applied retroactively to orders that have been placed before 10/10/2019.

How to Redeem Points
Points can be redeemed at a conversion rate of 100 points per one dollar. So, if you want to pay with your points for an item that costs $20.00, you would have to use 2000 points. This redemption conversion rate equates to a savings of 10% on each order applicable as a discount on a future order. Reward points can also be combined with coupons.

To check your points just log into your account where you can see the point accumulation and the history of orders. The page will also reflect points that have been removed from your account for reasons such as product refunds and point redemption.

When you start the checkout process our system will verify the order against your point balance. If you are eligible to redeem points, you will be presented with the opportunity to use points for savings on that order. If you prefer to grow your point bank for larger future savings, you can also save the points and not use them on this order. There is a no lag time  to redeem points earned from a previous order.

If you choose to redeem the points, check the box "Use My Reward Points" and the dollar amount of the savings will be shown on your invoice under "Discounts" and the total dollar for products purchased is reduced. Points can be redeemed when checking out via Polipayments or any method we have.

Rewards Program Terms & Conditions
Reward points cannot be earned and redeemed for previous orders, telephone orders, email orders, gift certificate purchases, exempt items, shipping and handling charges, and sales taxes paid by the customer. Reward points cannot be applied retroactively to orders that have already been submitted through our website. You must enter your reward points as a method of payment when checking out. If the points are not enough to pay for the entire order you will be prompted to select an additional payment method to complete your order. For technical reasons, we are unable to apply points to orders after they have been submitted.

Reward points obtained from the purchase of a product which is subsequently returned will be deducted from the Member's account. Reward points have no monetary value, are not transferable, and cannot be redeemed for cash. No cash will be given back on unused rewards points.

We reserve the right to terminate and/or modify this reward program in any manner, at any time, without limitation, including the adjustment of points earned per dollar spent without prior notice to participants. Customers cannot combine or co-mingle reward points. Reward points cannot be gifted, inherited or otherwise transferred to any company or individual. Any actions to earn or redeem reward points not in accordance with these terms and conditions will result in forfeiture of reward points. Reward points are concidered to have no legal value.